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Leaking pipes frustrate Horn Lake residents

It's not often you find a brook babbling up from a paved city street.

But you will in Horn Lake's Kentwood subdivision where Julius Linton lives, "I'm getting agitated about it. Everytime I come home, the madder I get."  

Linton says pipes break, the water pushes through the street and then up through yards, "See right there, you can see it coming up?"

Linton and others in this cove say the leaks have been going on for months and on and off for four years.

Horn Lake Alderman Tim Smith was surprised when we called him to the cove, "I can see the city's losing quite a bit of water here."

Untold gallons of water, which the city pays to purify, is being wasted. Smith says he's frustrated nothing's been done yet.

Part of the problem he says, is getting locators out to mark pipes, "There's gas lines, there's electrical lines and everything else. Cable lines, phone lines. They all have to be located before we dig."

Smith says the pipes in this area were installed by the builder but the city has no recourse, "When we took this over and it came on our water line, we accepted all the lines that were there. We've had a few problems over here in this subdivision."

Smith promises the leaks will be gone soon, Linton hopes that's a promise that won't go down the drain.

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