Why Sovereign

Why Sovereign?

At Sovereign, our primary goal is to find our what your needs are and then fulfill them. We want to help you make your dreams come true.

Our expertise is expected. Applying that expertise in a prudent, disciplined fashion that surpasses your expectations sets us apart. In essence, we want to become your personal "Chief Investment Officer."

By placing your confidence in Sovereign, you will be served by a professional team of experts led by Lane Carrick, President, and Ben Warwick, Chief Investment Officer. We work with a diversified group of affluent investors that includes entrepreneurs, physicians, and women in transition from divorce or the death of a spouse. We give you unbiased investment advice and unsurpassed client service that minimizes your financial concerns and maximizes your financial security.

Our comprehensive strategies are customized into an investment policy statement that serves as a blueprint reflecting your unique life goals. Your success is enhanced by greater financial independence, peace of mind, and security through portfolios that optimize returns and lower volatility.

In keeping with our investment philosophy, we have chosen our alliances in the investment management industry very carefully. We work with leading investment management firms such as J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Asset Management, and PIMCO to execute the investment strategies dictated by your personal plan.

At Sovereign, you have an entire team working just for you, helping you realize your best financial future.

For more information about how Sovereign Wealth Management can be become your personal "Chief Investment Officer," please contact us at (901) 685-5050.