Voting problems in Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Election officials around the state struggled with a host of problems tonight that delayed vote-counting and left major races unsettled.

The state has added thousands of new machines to comply with the federal Help America Vote Act and some counties had problems making them work. At least 15 counties cited problems in tabulating ballots. Cleburne and Phillips counties reported technical problems in tabulating votes. In Lawrence county, officials realized they had given voters ball point pens and began to overwrite all the ballots again with felt-tipped markers so the machine could read them. Other counties reporting problems were among the state's most populous, including Pulaski, Washington, Jefferson, Benton, and Craighead, plus Arkansas, Carroll, Howard, Independence, Pike, Polk and Woodruff. Pulaski County election director Susan Inman said workers were having problems printing out election results from machines.

Earlier in the day, Secretary of State Charlie Daniels said he would talk with Election Systems & Software of Omaha, Nebraska, the company that provided equipment to 72 of Arkansas' 75 counties under a 15 million dollar contract with the state. Problems with the voting equipment meant that four Arkansas counties didn't meet requirements under the federal Help America Vote act to have electronic voting screens for the disabled.

Here are some unofficial results from last night's election.

In the primary for U-S House District 2 with 96 percent of precincts reporting..

**Andy Mayberry is in the lead with 78 percent.

**Tom Formicola has 22 percent.

In the Democratic Primary for Lieutenant Governor, with 91-percent of precincts reporting...

**Bill Halter is in the lead with 40 percent.

**Tim Wooldridge in second.

In the Republican primary for the same seat... With 88 percent of precincts reporting..

**Jim Holt holds 56 percent of the vote..

**Chuck Banks has 25 percent of the vote.