Neighborhood grocery store the latest victim of burglary

Neighbors call it The Yellow Store, and say the owner is always friendly.

"Sometimes you don't have all the money you need, but if you come to him nice, like look, I don't have it now, he might just let you slide," said customer Sherry Wooten. "He ain't a bad guy."

That didn't stop someone from prying open a protective metal door, kicking in a second door, and ransacking the place early Wednesday morning.

"Metal doors wide open, the wooden plank was on the ground," Wooten said. "I was like, there was stuff all over the store. I was like, someone done hit The Yellow Store."

According to police, officers caught the three suspects inside the store loading beer into a brown box and trying to take off with it.

Police say grocery stores top the types of businesses that are targeted for burglaries. This neighborhood, which falls under the North Precinct, has had the third highest increase in burglaries so far this year, nearly 30%.

The Mount Moriah Precinct has seen the greatest increase, with 60% more burglaries this year.  The precinct for Cordova is in second, with a 46% spike.

Back at The Yellow Store, Sherry Wooten said she would have to be more careful.  "It's a shame, because it makes you feel like you can't even be in your own neighborhood and be safe," she said.

Police arrested and charged three people with burglary and vandalism in the case.