Gunshot victim speaks out

The scar on Chris Harris's face is still clearly visible.

"I've had three major surgeries, all to reconstruct my jaw," say Harris.

"They've actually taken bone from my hip," he adds.

Harris was a member of the SWAT team in January of 2004 when he entered this apartment in Hickory Hill during a drug raid. He opened a closet door and was shot four times.

"I remember seeing the bright muzzle blast and feeling the first bullet impact me in the face," recalls Harris.

Tab "Turk" Virgil was on the other side of that gun. The New Orleans rapper was in Memphis visiting friends.

"His value as a rapper became increasingly higher because he shot a police officer and that angered me and angered my family," says Harris.

That's why Harris says he pursued a civil case against "Turk." It paid off Wednesday morning to the tune of 10 million dollars!

Even Deputy Harris admits, winning a huge settlement and actually getting the money are two different things. But his attorney tells Action News 5 he's confident "Turk" Virgil can come up with the cash.

"You know, we know he's selling records and there are labels out there he does business with and we believe there to be sufficient assets to satisfy our judgement," says attorney Randy Fishman.

"I wanted to prevent him from getting a penny off of what he had done to me," says Harris.

Harris succeeded and now hopes to move on with his life and career. Harris is now an investigator with the Shelby County Sheriff's Department. Meantime, Action News Five is told Tab "Turk" Virgil is awaiting transfer to a state prison.

Virgil declined a request from Action News 5 for a jailhouse interview.