Shots fired while deputies serve narcotics warrants

Action News 5 was first to report sheriff's deputies shooting a man and a pit bull Wednesday night in the 3100 block of Hoskins. They were attempting to serve a narcotics warrant when they say the man pulled a gun on them. It was a similar situation Thursday evening at the French Village apartments off Summer. Only this time, someone shot at deputies when they came looking for drugs.

"The minute they stepped in they drew gunfire from inside, they stepped out, and three people inside stayed in there for about 10 minutes," Shelby Co. Sheriff's Dept. Spokesman Steve Shular told us on the scene.

They had to throw in a suppression device to force the suspects out. Sharon Hughes' two sons were among them.

"I'm glad there wasn't any officers hurt--I'm glad none of the kids was hurt," said Hughes.

Camille Fields was worried about herself and her newborn baby. They live just down from where shots rang out.

"Yea, I could have been shot and been dead today--thank the lord that I'm not dead," said Fields.

Deputies say it's further proof of how suddenly their jobs can take a turn for the worse. Fortunately, none of the bullets in this case found a target and nobody was injured.

Two men and a woman were arrested following Thursday's shooting at French Village. No charges have been filed.

Like Wednesday night, deputies say a pit bull was also recovered from this scene.