Director Craig Brewer says he'll film next movie in Nashville

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - Film director Craig Brewer plans to shoot most of his next movie in Nashville and East Tennessee. That would make it the first Brewer film to be made outside his Memphis hometown.

Brewer described the Paramount production, called "Maggie Lynn," as the story of a brokenhearted young wife and mother who "finds her voice" by "hitting the road and hitting the honky-tonks" with her guitar-playing older brother.

He hopes to shoot in 2007.

Memphis and Shelby County Film Commissioner Linn Sitler says Brewer's new story has mountains in it and the Delta has no mountains.

The movie would be the third in a loose Tennessee music trilogy that began with "Hustle & Flow" - the Oscar-winning hit about a would-be Memphis rapper - and continues with the upcoming "Black Snake Moan," in which Samuel L. Jackson plays a rural West Tennessee bluesman.

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