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Millington students become part of crime solution

After more than two dozen arrests of students accused of selling drugs at Millington Central High School, students are becoming part of the solution. This year, they helped organize a graduation celebration of a different kind: a benefit concert.

The cost of admission: two canned goods to feed those in need.

"Upcoming kids, you know, coming up from middle school and grade school. We just wanna set a good example for them and maybe they can do the same thing," explained Carl Allen, who graduated from the high school this year.

He performed with his rap group HGU and helped organize the concert.

The good began earlier in the day with a crime-free campus on the last day of school when most law enforcement agencies brace for fights every year. Lieutenant Charlie Coleman of Millington Police Department says the city's push to crush school crime shows.

"It had a major influence on the school. I've been here 13 years and nothing like that has ever happened, not just in Millington, but in any county school."

Millington Police set up extra patrols for the last day of school, but school administrators say since the recent crackdown, it was smooth sailing.

"We planned ahead. Teachers had duty stations, our two resource officers were in communications with the local community police officers and they were stationed at locations around the campus," said Millington High School Principal Nancy Norwood.

The students hope the concert shows that students, schools and the law are all on one accord.

"You don't have to sell drugs. As long as you work hard and you want something bad enough, eventually you'll get it," said Allen.

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