County honors murdered sheriff

This morning friends and family members honored a former Mid-South sheriff who helped make history.

Twenty years ago this month, Marshall County, Mississippi, Sheriff Osborne Bell was killed in the line of duty.

Bell was the county's first black elected official, three times as coroner, twice as sheriff. He was shot to death by a suspect in 1986 while making an arrest.

Bell is remembered as a fair man who didn't think in black and white but rather right and wrong.

"He was the best dad I could, or anyone, could possibly have," said Toni Bell. "So we are here to celebrate his life as being a public figure and also as being a human being."

Today's commemoration began on the lawn of the county courthouse, then moved by motorcade to the final destination where Bell's 90-year-old mother placed a wreath.

To visit a web page honoring Sheriff Bell, click here.