Syan Rhodes reports from Tanzania, Part I

The sound of a child suffering with malaria...cries that some say are being ignored by the global community.

A Tanzanian government official says, "We have babies whose voices cannot be heard, babies who are dying who need somebody to advocate on they're behalf."

Government leaders in Tanzania and the island of Zanzibar say malaria is the number one killer of people in their countries...not HIV/AIDS.

The disease is rampant across the country and in communities like USA Village.

The official continues, "Most of malaria's victims are children and the story is no different here in USA village, every month 128 children are sent to the hospital because of malaria."

In Tanzania, women like Opportuna Peter do the best they can to protect their children.

Through the voice of a translator, Peter says, "I have two nets and that they are very torn, they're tattered and torn and she would like us to see them and she says she treated them a long time ago but she has not retreated them because she doesn't have the money."

Still, malaria is prevalent here because of things like this...potholes filled with rainwater that become breeding grounds for malaria mosquitoes.

Government officials continues, "And the result of that is while they might be using nets and stuff, without some strong environmental control possibly indoor residual spraying they're going to continue to have large populations of mosquitoes."

Health advocates now focusing on spreading the message of prevention to prevent the spread of malaria.