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Memphis veterans react to possible ID theft

On a day saved to remember those who served and died for their country... Memphis veterans react to word their personal information had been stolen.

Veteran Chester Thayer says, "It was a bit of a shock."

Thayer says he's angered by the revelations... that a laptop... containing data on 26 million veterans had been stolen... after a veterans affairs employees brought that laptop home.

"For security reasons and personal reasons... I resent the hell out of it. I think all veterans do. And somebody really needs to be held accountable," continues Thayer.

Andrew Finney Jr.,a former sergeant in the Tennessee National Guard, is afraid that his information was stolen.

Finney says, "I've been thinking maybe I should look into that."

On one single laptop... the names, addresses, birth dates, social security numbers... even private medical information about all veterans since 1975.

Finney fears that his credit or other aspects of his life could be hurt.

Finney continues, "If that information gets into the wrong hands, it's a lot of us gonna be in trouble. Our credit report and stuff like that."

A problem... that veterans affairs now estimate will take 100-million dollars to fix.

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