Family reacts to investigation into missing son

Tago Holliman frequently looks at the photos he has of his son six month old son Kimmarta. He wants to know where he is.

Holliman says, "She's supposed to call me if she does anything with the child."

Holliman is talking about Kimmarta's mother who is no behind bars charged with child abuse. Police say Kimberly Lawrence gave Kimmarta to two women one of them named KiKi.

Sgt. Vince Higgins with the Memphis police department asks, "Was the baby given to Kiki for babysitting or for some other purpose?"

Police want to know if the child was given to the women in exchange for something else.

Kimberly Lawrence's mother says she saw one of the women standing outside her apartment where Kimmarta was staying for a couple of days. She said her daughter gave the women some of the child's special formula and a diaper bag.

Kimmarta's grandmother Ruthie Thompson says, "Ain't never done that before give him to some strange person. I don't know."

Kimmarta's father says his son has bronchitis. He says he was supposed to pick his son up Sati the day police say the mother gave the child to two women.

Holliman continues, "Its hard right now where he at are they feeding him. There are strange people out there I hope they turn him in or take him to the hospital."

Tago Holliman says he just wants his son back he won't ask any questions.