Police search for missing child

Monday night police were still patrolling the last place Kimmarta Lawrence was seen, his grandmother's apartment complex off Winchester.

Police told Tago Holliman that Kimmarta's mother Kimberly handed their son over to two women Saturday and the baby hasn't been seen since.

Holliman says his son was exchanged for drugs, police aren't sure, "We want to make sure there was no force involved, no abduction involved, no neglect or parental abuse involved."

Kimberly Lawrence's mother admits her daughter did hand Kimmarta over to two women but doubts she did it for drugs, "I don't think she gave the baby away, she just probably wanted the girl that got the baby to keep the baby for a while or something like that for a while before she come back and get him."

But Ruthie Thompson does admit her daughter has problems, "Suicidal thoughts. 'Does she have drug problems?' Now she got drug problems."

Kimmarta's father is even more concerned because his son needs to have a special formula, "He had an infection in his lungs. They gave him some kind of uh, medicine for his lungs. And then he a preemie, he on infant care milk."

Holliman hopes someone will see Kimmarta on tv and call police so he can get his son back. Kimberly Lawrence is charged with aggravated child abuse.