Memphis TV personality back in court

Ron Meroney was back in front of a Shelby County judge Tuesday discussing his extradition to Maryland.

An attorney for the Fox 13 morning anchor continues to deny charges his client sexually abused a young girl 30 years ago.

Attorney Mark Mesler says, "Obviously he absolutely, whole-heartedly says he's innocent and he would love to be proven innocent in court and, again, that's something to be determined down the road."

Mark Mesler says his client intends to turn himself in to authorities in Maryland, where he was indicted in December for statutory rape.

If and when that happens, Mesler says a fugitive from justice charge against Meroney here in Shelby County will likely be dropped.

Mesler continues, "There's no substance to this charge, the fugitive from justice charge, it's just a way of making sure that he shows up in the state that wants him."

According to Mark Mesler, Meroney has already hired attorneys in Maryland and they are negotiating the terms of Meroney's bond with prosecutors.

A process Mesler says was put off when a letter surfaced from Meroney's alleged victim, claiming there are more victims.

Mesler says prosecutors have not been able to reach the accuser to talk to her about it.

"Nothing within that letter has been substantiated on any level even the prosecutor who was meeting with our lawyers in MD had no idea whether there was any validity to that," says Mesler.