Memphis police investigate gang related crimes

In Lowrance Park, where children should play safely, it's empty...except for Shelby County Gang Officers reading gang graffiti.

These investigators say a gang initiation recently took place at this park.

Not far away they documented dozens of gang members living in a neighborhood off of Crumpler.

Memphis City Police say they can attribute more than 800 crimes in 2005 to gang members.

Those crimes are costing you

These officers know of more than 8-thousand gang members operating amongst us.

Sergeant Mike Bass says it's harder to fight them since the Metro-gang unit was dissolved last year.

Bass says, "We can't be in as many places as we were this time last year."

So his teams concentrates on hot spots, like southeast Shelby County.

Bass continues, "It's gonna take resources. Resources means money. The two big M's now, manpower and money, that's what it's going to take."

He's hopeful this new initiative will help him make your neighborhood a safe place to live.