Man shot overnight at the Pepper Tree Apartments

Gun shots rang out in a Memphis apartment complex overnight. This morning, one man is in critical condition.

The shooting took place at the Pepper Tree Apartments in the 4200 block of East Wind near Elvis Presley and Raines.

Police tell us shortly after ten last night-- a gunman shot an unidentified man twice--- once in the leg and once in the side. Police are still investigating this morning-- but we know the suspect is still on the run.. and the victim is in critical condition.

If you know anything about this shooting call police at 528-CASH.

Now, this is not the first time police have responded to calls at the Pepper Tree Apartments.

Just weeks ago -- police say a man pulled up in a car, got out, shot two men, got back in his car-- and drove off. One victim was pronounced dead on the scene.

In July of 2005-- dozens of Pepper Tree residents were evacuated from their homes after a bomb scare.

In October of 2003-- police say a man was found murdered inside one of the apartments.

In October of 2002-- a 12-year-old boy was shot in the complex.