City and county receive millions for Homeland Security

You might be surprised to know that Memphis has made the Homeland Security list since it was started in 2003.  The city was removed from the list last year, but is back on again this year. It means the city will get millions to help protect you after a possible attack.

$4.2 million...Memphis and Shelby County worked hard to get money from Homeland Security in case of a terrorist attack here.  The money will help emergency responders get to you faster and keep you safer.

"I'm looking forward to Memphis getting back on the list and hopefully staying on the list from here on out," said Claude Talford, Director of the Memphis and Shelby County Emergency Management Agency.

The money would be used for vaccines, medical equipment, planning, and communication within Shelby County and surrounding counties.  In the event of an emergency, Shelby County is seeking to avoid they type of breakdown that happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Talford said the infrastructure of Memphis is vulnerable to a terrorist attack.  Locations such as the bridges across the Mississippi River, and major companies like FedEx are possible targets terrorists might want to take out.

"That would affect the economy on a national level," he said. "I mean with the amount of traffic that comes through here as we state we are distribution point."

Talford says it would be disastrous, and that is why Memphis is one of 46 U.S. Cities that will get money from the federal government's Homeland Security department.