Mother of shooting victim speaks out

It's been a rough 24 hours for Detawn Gunn.

First he was shot in the chest then he faced surgery with complications.

Detawn's mother Connie Matthews says, "The bullet went behind his heart then during surgery it moved behind his lungs."

Connie Matthews hasn't left her son's side since he was shot.

A stray bullet hit him while he sitting on his front porch.

At first, no one realized he'd been hit.

Matthews continues, "I said Detawn, stop playing boy. This ain't the time to be playing, you haven't been shot, he said mamma I been shot."

That's when Detawn's mother saw the blood and begged for her son's life.

"He was trying to close his eyes and I said 'Detawn don't close your eyes I told him, please don't leave me. I said be strong," continues Matthews.

Matthews continues, "My baby got to be with a bullet in him for the rest of his life because of this ignorant person."

Doctor's decided it was riskier to remove the bullet than to leave it in.

As Detawn rests, his mother is furious her son was another victim of Memphis violence.

"God said to forgive so I forgive her but am going to press charges. This could have been avoided, I could have lost my baby," says Detawn's mother.

Connie Matthews hopes that's a sentence no other parent has to repeat.