Secretly taped video used in Dixon trial

The secretly taped video dates back to July 2003, way before Operation Tennessee Waltz rocked Tennessee politics. Prosecutors say it shows another corruption scheme playing out with Roscoe Dixon front and center.

"This is a fight over money and who gets it," Dixon is heard saying on the tape.

At the time, Dixon was a state senator and chairman of the TennCare Oversight Committee. The tape allegedly shows him accepting cash from FBI informant Tim Willis through confessed bagman Barry Myers. Willis was a lobbyist for a children's dental clinic operated out of this Memphis building. Prosecutors say he paid off Dixon in order to get the clinic into the TennCare program.

"I don't want to take the lead, but I will vote for it," Dixon says on the tape.

"The prosecutor will do his job and I'll do mine to the best of my ability," Dixon's attorney, Coleman Garrett, said during a break on Wednesday.

Garrett was counting on an entrapment defense for Dixon, arguing in opening statements that the government didn't investigate corruption, they created it.

But the government believes the videotape, along with audio recordings, prove Roscoe Dixon's predisposition to criminal behavior.