Grizzlies Get Pittsnogled!

Big Men continue to be the focus of the Memphis Grizzlies Pre-Draft Camp..

The latest crew to check into FedExForum, a sort of Who's Who of players and programs as West Virginia Banger Kevin Pittsnogle displays why he was one of College Basketballs' best Big guys from long range..

Illinois' James Augustine was 4th in the nation in Field Goal percentage at 62%.

The Grizz also bring in a pair of 6'5" slashers in Michigan States' Maurice Agar, and Uconns' Rashad Anderson..

Memphis Player Personnel Director Tony Barone says this isn't the only look these players have gotten.

"we've seen these guys an average, these 4 guys, an average of 8 or 9 times. Some of them, we've seen more. So you'd be silly to take the workout and make a decision on the workout. I"ve had people say Dwyane Wade workouts every place he went...I hope you didn't pass him up because of the workouts."

The NBA Draft is June 28th.