Lawmaker's former associate on stand for second day

Roscoe Dixon watched on as prosecutors played more audio and video evidence they say proves he was on the take.

One clip shows bagman Barry Myers sitting in the living room of informant Tim Willis' mud island home.

When Dixon shows up, Willis puts $6,000 on the table.

Tim Willis:  This is what I want to do.  This is what I got here.  Now, I got paid, (unin) and I'm just...
Roscoe Dixon:  My thing is I, you, I'm okay.  Take care of this man right here.
Tim Willis:  Right, okay.
Roscoe Dixon:  I'm fine, man.  I don't...
Tim Willis:  Okay.
Roscoe Dixon:  I'm a public servant.  Always have been...
Tim Willis:  Uh-huh.
Roscoe Dixon:  And, ah, I just, just try to help folks kinda like, but I think (coughs) thing we gotta do is, ah..."

In court, prosecutors said it was evidence of Dixon's paranoia and, on the stand, Barry Myers backed it up.

Meanwhile, on tape, Myers is counting out stacks of thousands.  The three spend thirty minutes watching wrestling on television... Then Willis gets up and Roscoe Dixon asks for a stack of cash.

Roscoe Dixon:  Barry, I'm gon' run, man.
Barry Myers:  Okay.
Roscoe Dixon:  Throw me one of them stacks, man.
Tim Willis:  (answers phone)
Barry Myers:  (unin).
Roscoe Dixon:  Huh?  Huh?  No, no.  No, I (unin)...
Barry Myers:  (unin).
Roscoe Dixon:  No, I just need one.  Give me one.  No, give me one in the middle.  Yeah.  I'm gone, man."
Barry Myers:  (unin).
Roscoe Dixon:  Alright.  Now that's for you, man.

Myers said Dixon stashed the cash in a magazine in his hand.  Outside the courtroom, Dixon would not comment on what Myers said.

Dixon wouldn't say a word about his day in court.  The trail will continue on Friday.