Memphis neighborhood experiences lengthy power outage

About 400 MLGW customers who live in the area of Summer and Highland dealt with a power outage that lasted nearly a full day, after strong storms Wednesday night.

Thursday morning, Mary Brooks' home was dark. Her power had been off for 18 and a half hours, and the temperature in her house was a stuffy 85 degrees.

MLGW officials told her they'd have power on late Wednesday night. That didn't happen.

"At my age I'll tell you, it's terrible... and then they kept promising It will be on in just a little while it will be on in a little while," she said.

The 83 year old says she didn't get any rest Wednesday night.

"I didn't sleep," she said. "I haven't slept in quite a while. How do you sleep in this heat?"

Mary said she's getting worried about her health in these conditions. "If I wasn't real strong, and hadn't exercised all my days, I'd probably be dead." she said.

The power was restored to that neighborhood later in the morning. MLGW's Chris Stanley said it was a very difficult restoration job because they had to string two sets of primary lines to that area.  Also, a large tree had to be removed, and most of that work had to be done in the middle of the night in the dark.