Shots fired at West Memphis club

When shots are fired at a night club, it is usually from club goers, or even people in the parking lot, but this time police say a security guard did the shooting.  West Memphis police say parents like to have security at their teenagers parties but not this kind.

The shooting at the West Town Riders Club. West Memphis police say it was filled with teenagers Wednesday around midnight.  West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert said two police officers a few blocks away heard gunshots.

"He saw several teenage kids running out of the door at the building and they said security was shooting at them," Paudert said.

Then the officers saw the security guard, Kenneth Wright, throwing something under a car.  It was a 9mm pistol.

"The problem with it is the security guard was a convicted felon and he had marijuana in his pocket," Paudert said.

That's not all. Another man, Armaad Raiford, was also working security.

"He was arrested because he was drunk, so we've got two security guards working a party for juveniles one drunk on had marijuana in has pocket too," Paudert said. "They were both arrested."

Kenneth Wright, the man accused of shooting his weapon, faces charges of aggravated assault, possession of a fire arm that was reported stolen, and possession of marijuana. Neither man had a security license in Arkansas, which is required according to investigators.

Both men working security at the party are from Memphis.  Fortunately no one was injured.  Paudert said there have been ongoing problems at the West Town Riders Club. The chief is taking steps to get it shut down under a nuisance ordinance.