Grizzlies Coach Goes On Radio/Gives Insight into Teams' Style

After last season, Grizzlies President Jerry West spoke to the media about a perceived disconnect between the team and its' fans.

Some of that disconnect goes to the feeling nobody knows anything about the players, or the coaches, beyond what they see on the court.

Well, for the past couple of days, Grizzlies Head Coach Mike Fratello offered insight into his personality by verbally sparring with the hosts and fans of a local sports radio talk show.

Fratello was a featured guest, by phone, on Sports56 WHBQ's Morning Rush program.

He offered reasons why he played, or didn't play certain players on the roster, like rookies Loren Roberts and Hakim Warrick..

He even took some jabs at fans whom, he feels, just get him all wrong.

Fratello said he played Warrick more than most fans thought, about 14-minutes per game...

Fratello also told the listeners the Grizzlies slow style of play was due mainly to the teams' lack of rebounding, Memphis finished 27th in the league on the boards...and to the age of its' players with newcomers Eddie Jones and Bobby Jackson and sevral others approaching their mid-30's.

Fratello also mentioned those players' expiring contracts should position Memphis well in the upcoming Free Agent market.