Madison County commissioners keep close eye on expenses

The criminal investigation centered around travel expenses racked up by Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork, his staff and staff spouses over the last several years.

A state audit released last April found a lack of control over credit card spending, meal reimbursements and cash advances. But, Carroll County District Attorney General Gus Radford, who conducted the investigation, says it wasn't illegal.

Radford says, "Criminal prosecution is neither feasible nor practical."

Sheriff Woolfork seemed pleased.

Woolfork states, "I knew there was not remotely any possibility of criminal charges. I've always been a good steward of the taxpayers' money, and I plan to continue to serve in that role."

But Radford didn't let Woolfork off the hook completely.

Radford says, "I am not condoning all the actions of the Sheriff nor saying that his actions are at all times ethical, wise, or good stewardship of the taxpayers' money. Those decisions were not mine to make."

Those decisions are up to Madison County Commissioners, who tell us they'll be keeping a much closer eye on how the Sheriff spends the county's cash.