Undercover surveillance playing a part in Dixon trial

Roscoe Dixon's attorney says you shouldn't believe everything you see or hear.

"I just recall a real debate around the country about what was shown on the Rodney King tape," says Coleman Garrett. "So, you can have a difference of opinion about anything," he adds.

But prosecutors have argued their undercover surveillance speaks for itself. They played one meeting Thursday morning between confessed bagman Barry Myers, FBI informant Tim Willis, and then-Senator Dixon. They say it shows Dixon taking a stack of cash in exchange for favorable legislation on behalf of a dummy company set up by the FBI.

On an undercover audio tape presented later in the day, you can hear Willis and Myers talking about how much it might take to get the bogus legislation passed. Here's a sample:

Tim Willis: I tried to put together a budget..

Barry Myers: Uh Huh.

Tim Willis: For how much it'll cost..

Barry Myers: Uh Huh.

Tim Willis: To have it pass.

Barry Myers: Uh Huh.

Tim Willis: You understand what I'm sayin'?

Willis goes on to say that he's willing to spend up to 50 grand to put lawmakers in his pocket.

Roscoe Dixon is accused of taking nearly $10,000.