Holliman family reacts to finding baby Kimmarta

After nearly a week of searching for his son, Tago Holliman, Kimmarta Lawrence's father says, "Yeah it's a miracle man..."

Holliman "and" his mother are looking forward to getting the 6-month old back.

Kimmarta's grandmother Margie Holliman says, "Its a blessing, that's a blessing that God kept him alive and brought him back to us in one piece..."

Police say the Kimmarta Lawrence was taken to Milwaukee by "this" woman known as Ke Ke.

Sometime Thursday Ke Ke walked into a Milwaukee police station with the baby and a bizarre story about the baby's mother Kimberly Lawrence.

Sgt. Vince Higgins with the Memphis Police Department says, "While they were talking about smoking dope, this young lady commented to Kimberly Lawrence that she thought the baby was cute and how she wished she had a baby like that. At that point, Kimberly offered that child to her and she accepted and took the child and left town."

Right now Kimberly Lawrence is locked up at the CJC facing child abuse charges.

As for Ke Ke -- officers discovered she had relatives in Dyersburg, who then led them to Milwaukee.

Margie Holliman continues, "I ain't got no love for her man she ran with my baby out of town..."

Holliman has lots of questions for Ke Ke AND his baby's mother.

Meantime, this grandmother is glad to know the youngest of her 10 grandchildren will soon be coming home.

Tago Holliman continues, "First time I smiled since Saturday...first time I smiled since Saturday cause you know I didn't know where my baby was you know."