Former MPD officers agree to probation

Former Memphis Deputy Police Chief Bobby Todd and Major James Krepela are used to standing in-front of a judge as witnesses,  not as a defendants.

Friday, both men agreed to a one year probation on a charge of Destruction or Tampering of documents.

Jerry Easter is James Krepela's attorney, "There was not a plea of guilty. There was no statement of guilt by my client maintains his innocence."

That means both men will avoid a trial and possible jail time.

A TBI report accused them of changing accident reports.

While both men seemed happy with their probation, Carolyn Watson, sitting in the courtroom was furious, "I though it was a slap on the wrist. Wrong is wrong and it's not enough."

Carolyn Watson's son, Michael Simon, was killed in a crash on Interstate 55 three years ago.

The crash involved Mayor Willie Herenton's daughter in-law.

Watson and at least one witness to the crash believe Andrea Herenton was at fault even though the final report blamed Michael Simon.

Deputy Police Chief Bobby Todd signed off on that final report and Watson isn't happy, "I just feel like I never got the truth out of them. I believe that they did cover some of that up and I'm not positive but I'm trying to prove that."

Watson is now suing Herenton for three million dollars.

She says she simply wants the truth about her son's death and any other crash in Memphis, "Wrong is wrong and if they changed the ticket they need to be punished."

Again, both men maintain their innocence.

As part of the probation, both agree not to do any law enforcement work for the next year.