New tactic being used by Memphis carjackers

It's enough to make any motorist a little nervous.

"I mean, it scares me," says one motorist.

"Very unsafe," says another.

"If you ain't hip to it, you'll fall for it," adds a third.

It's called the "bump and rob." It's a tactic used by mid-south carjackers to get your attention, your car, money, and maybe your life.

"It's not a new scheme," says Lt. Mickey Williams with Memphis Police.

"It's happened over the years," he adds.

Memphis Police have video surveillance of a man thought to be part of one recent "bump and rob". They say he was searching for his victim when he was caught on tape. More on that later. First, how it started, at the First Tennessee Bank on Lamar.

Police say when a customer was leaving the parking lot, another vehicle rear-ended him. The victim got out of his car, approached the suspects to exchange insurance information, and then a gun was stuck in his face.

The man was forced back into his car and ordered to get cash from the drive-thru, then money from an A-T-M at a nearby Mapco. The victim went inside, asked for help, and hid.

"He hid, asked for help, was able to allude them and they left in his car, so it worked out for him in this case," says Lt. Williams.

But with armed suspects hungry for cash, police say it could have easily gone the other way.

"The best advice we can give is to cooperate--because money and property can be replaced, people can't," says Williams.

Police say the suspect and his accomplice in this latest "bump and rob" remain on the run.

Those two suspects were in a white or light blue Lincoln Town Car at the time of the crime.

If you have any information, call Crime-Stoppers at 528-CASH.