Missing baby's keeper speaks out

"Everybody else is telling their story...now I think it's about time I tell mine."

Tarisha Renea Quinn, or Ray Ray, says her amazing story started simply--as a conversation between her, a friend, and little Kimmarta's mother in Memphis last weekend.

Quinn continues, "My friend was like well I've always wanted a baby and she was you can have him you can have him if you want him, take him..handed him over."

Ray Ray says the baby didn't come for free.

"I know there was some drugs exchanged," continues Quinn.

She, her friend, and Kimmarta in tow, arrived by bus in Milwaukee on Monday.

Quinn continues, "The baby was well cared for with me the baby wasn't hungry had a changed diaper, almost every 30 minutes"

Ray Ray says she had a falling out with her friend and had to take care of the baby by herself.

She learned from her grandmother that she and the baby were wanted.

"I feel like I'm being falsely accused as the bad guy in this situation," says Quinn.

She doesn't feel she did anything wrong, and believes Kimmarta's story could have ended much worse.

Quinn says, "Given to another crack head or given to somebody else and stuff where somebody would have thrown the baby in the gutter and wouldn't have gave a care or anything"