More excerpts from the exclusive interview with Kimmarta's keeper

Action News 5 has more of an exclusive interview with the woman who left Memphis with another woman's six-month-old baby in tow.

Tarisha "Ray Ray" Quinn talked about how she came to be Kimmarta Lawrence's caregiver.

"I stayed in the neighborhood where we had met her," said Quinn.

She's talking about Kimberly Lawrence the Memphis woman accused of handing over her six-month old son to two women.

"My friend said she (the baby's mother) packed up all the baby's clothing, all his blankets, his formula, his WIC vouchers. I'm talking about everything."

Quinn said her friend was the one really interested in Kimmarta but they both felt responsible for the baby and they both had to figure out what to do next.

"Police? Out of the question. What's the second thing? What are we going to do? Do we raise this baby and take care of him? Or, do we go and take him back to his mom and say, 'Here you take him and stuff we don't want him.'"

Quinn said she and her friend decided to keep Kimmarta for a few days to see how it worked out. In the meantime, the two took a bus to visit a woman Quinn knows in Milwaukee.

Quinn said shortly after she, her friend and Kimmarta arrived in Milwaukee, her friend took off.

Quinn doesn't face any criminal charges since Kimmarta Lawrence was found safe.

She was still in Milwaukee last night trying to figure out a way to get back home to Memphis.

The Department of Children's Services here in Memphis will pick Kimmarta Lawrence up in Milwaukee and bring him back here.

Kimberly Lawrence, the boy's mother, is in custody. She's being held on felony child abuse and neglect charges. She is currently awaiting trial.

Kimmarta will not immediately be turned over to his father. DCS will place the baby with a foster family while its employees decide the best place for Kimmarta to live.

This is a still developing story. Stay tuned to Action News 5 and for the lvery atest on this story.