Kimmarta Lawrence's family is praying for a reunion

As the family of 6-month-old Kimmarta Lawrence approaches the one-week mark since a City Watch Alert went out, a lot has happened.

"She's supposed to call me if she does anything with the child," the baby's father, Tago Holliman, said that day.

Now Holliman's mother says she wants custody of the baby. Margie Holliman spent her Sunday at church, praying for the baby's well-being. She said she's constantly thinking about Kimmarta and for now, it's a waiting game.

Police say Kimmarta's mother, Kimberly, gave the baby away. She went to jail on child abuse charges and an FBI hunt went into full gear. Then, three days later, police announced that agents found the baby in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"Kimmarta was located, Kimmarta Lawrence was located," announced Sergeant Vince Higgins of the Memphis Police Department last Thursday.

Kimmarta returned to Memphis Saturday night after the woman who had the baby in her care broke her silence.

"We did not kidnap the baby. The baby was given to us voluntarily," said Tarisha Quinn, who was not charged with anything.

Holliman's mother says she's glad to know the baby is home, but she wants to know when she can see him. She does not wish to respond to Quinn's comments because she wants to focus on providing a stable home for Kimmarta.

Traditionally, the Department of Children's Services works towards relocating children to live with their families. The family will have to undergo a review process before that happens as Holliman prepares to undergo a paternity test, to ensure the baby is his own.