Professor accused on drug charges to stay behind bars

For a while it looked like things were going his way.  After listening to seven hours of testimony Friday, a U.S. Magistrate Judge decided Monday that Marcello Arsura should be granted a $50,000 bond, with significant restrictions.

But as soon as that decision was announced, government attorneys filed an appeal, keeping the UT pharmacology professor behind bars, for now.

"I'm disappointed that the government appealed it, because the magistrate I believe set conditions that certainly assured the public and secured the safe return of Mr. Arsura," said defense attorney Bob Brannon.

The events that unfolded in court Monday mean Arsura will not return to his home in this East Memphis community anytime soon.  BJ Summers was one of a group of women who tracked what they believe was drug activity at her next door neighbor's house.

"There'd be cars lined up all the way down this street, all the way up into the driveway, and then in a little bit they'd all leave and there'd be some more that come in," she said.  "We were just tired of it. We just didn't want it anymore."

When federal agents busted the location back on May 18, Summers felt relieved, but what appeared to be the end of a nightmare for neighbors was just the beginning for Marcello Arsura.