Protest marks anniversary at Love in Action

Dozens of people protested a controversial program at a Mid-South ministry Monday. At issue was Love in Action, a program that deals with young people and homosexuality.

Outside Love in Action, a line of protestors marched. Among them was Lance Carroll, who said his parent's forced him to attend Love in Action's refugee program.

"We went though daily group therapy involving a type of conditioning where you associate anything gay with shame," Carroll said.

According to Carroll, he is still gay, and no longer lives with his parents.

"I do love them, they are my parents but I don't miss the treatment I got from them," he said.

Another person on the scene, a mother identified only as Diana, said her family had a very different experience.

"Our family received so much help," she said. "Each of us. All of us. We learned to be honest with one another. To speak it in truth. To speak it in love."

Diana said her son willingly attended the program. "He wanted to look at other ways to live his life, other than the way he was currently choosing."

Years after he completed the program, she admits her son still has homosexual feelings, but she says he's learned to deal with it. As for the protestors outside, Diana had this message:

"That God Loves them. That this ministry loves them. That their parents love them," she said.

Meanwhile, protesters said they should be loved for the people they are.

Both the ministry and the protestors have met before, and have respectfully agreed to disagree on the whether you "choose" to be homosexual.

Protestors hoped their presence helped those inside realize that they can be accepted for who they are.