Parents concerned about possible annexation

LaTonya Raiford has a dilemma.

Raiford says, "My dilemma is the last day of school, the bus driver told my daughter she would no longer be going to Germantown Middle."

She then says she got a letter in the mail from Shelby County Schools telling her that her area was being annexed as of July 1st.

Her daughter is now a City School of 155 students included in this annexation.

The annexation has two main phases: Commercial annexation begins now, residential begins in 2013.

Raiford says many parents are upset that the current annexed students live in apartments and she'll move if she has to.

Raiford continues, "Kirby Middle is not an option for me. She will not go to Kirby Middle.">

Shelby County Schools says they're under Federal mandate to honor the terms of the annexation, but in the past, they have entered into agreements with Memphis City Schools to allow a more gradual annexation.

Memphis City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Carol Johnson says, the school system had one concern.

Dr. Carol Johnson, Memphis City Schools superintendent says, "The only concern we expressed early on had to do with the senior high school students that had been in that school community for a long time and maybe close to graduation."

Whatever happens, she says Memphis City Schools is getting ready for the students.

Johnson continues, "We stand prepared to welcome those students should they come to Memphis City Schools."

But that's not enough for Raiford and her daughter.

"I feel like I shouldn't have to move to keep my daughter in a Shelby County School," continues Johnson.

Raiford has plans to attend a meeting this week to voice her concerns to County Schools.