Roscoe Dixon appears on witness stand

On his way out of federal court, former State Senator Roscoe Dixon wouldn't answer questions about his first stint on the witness stand.

Dixon states, "If I talk to y'all the judge will get mad. Do you think it's in your best interest to talk? The judge will get mad."

Dixon's attorney did shed some light on why his client chose to aid in his own defense.

Dixon is accused of taking more than 9-thousand dollars in bribes to push legislation for E-Cycle Management, a bogus company created by the FBI as part of Operation Tennessee Waltz.

Before Dixon took the stand, prosecutors showed jurors this 2004 video they say shows an undercover FBI agent counting out two thousand dollars in cash for bagman Barry Meyers to give to Dixon.

In FBI undercover video used in court, Meyers is heard calling Dixon during the meeting: "(Meyers) - Hey, Roscoe, this is Barry. Give me a call as soon as you get this message. I know you probably still in a meeting so give me a call. Thanks. He'll call me back. He's still in a meeting." (UC) You don't mind these 50's do you? (meyers) I mean, he, long as it's two he's straight."

After court, I tried to ask Dixon about the tape.

When questioned about the video, Dixon is asked by attorneys, "Is there any concern on your part about what's on those tapes?"

Dixon replies, "I can't talk, remember I got a gag order."

Dixon's attorney says his client's defense will come out in court.