Family grieves after man dies "for nothing"

An unintended victim caught in the crossfire Monday night, Kevin Broady was shot to death during a fight over $20.

In an interview Tuesday with Action News 5, the victim's widow, Marquita Broady, the victim's widow, was often tearful.

"We had so many plans, so many things to do," she said. "But they took that away."
Her husband of 15 years was the unintended victim of a shooting.

"It makes me feel that he died for nothing," she said.

As the father of five children, Broady said Kevin was a great dad.  He took his oldest daughter to the school dance, and helped their middle daughter make the honor roll.  He was best friends with his sons, who will now grow up without their father.

One look at their five children and you know Kevin's life was worth so much more.

"We'll always have him in our hearts," Marquita said, "but we won't hear him laugh."
Marquita hoped the shooters get as tough a sentence as they gave her family.

"I want them to see our family and what they have taken away from us," she said. "You look at us and you see how much suffering we are going through. And you'll think again about pulling the trigger."
She said if her story stops just one person from resorting to violence, then her husband won't have died in vain.

Police are questioning two suspects in Kevin Broady's shooting, but no charges have been filed.