Nick's 2 Cents...Tips for Lottery Winners

More than half of all Americans have bought a lottery ticket in the past year.

A recent Gallop poll found the average player nationwide spends about $150 a year on lottery tickets.
Financial Consultant, Jim Shoemaker of Germantown says if you really want to play the odds, invest.

"If you take the $150 at age 30 and invest it at 10%, in 35 years, you could have $40,000."
Experts say if you do play the lottery, follow two golden rules: play only for fun, and only play if you can afford it.

Not everyone plays by those rules. reports that the heaviest lottery players are low-income, minority men who have less than a college education.
But, what about the people who DO win?  You can see the winners on the Tennessee Lottery website...many from the Memphis area.
Jim Shoemakers says if you do win, "get someone around you or a group of people that you can trust to make decisions."

Sometimes, even large jackpot winners eventually fall upon hard times.  Evelyn Adams won the New Jersey Lottery jackpot twice, for a total of $5.4 million.  She lost every dime by gambling and giving money away to family members.  William "Bud" Post won $16 million in the Pennsylvania Lottery in 1988.  Eight years later he filed for bankruptcy, and lived on Social Security before passing away earlier this year.

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