No verdict for Dixon after first day of jury deliberations

After their first day of deliberations, the jury did not reach a verdict in the trial of Roscoe Dixon.

Dixon spent seven and a half hours Wednesday waiting for something from the jury. They deliberated with only one break for lunch and only brought the judge, and attorneys, one question.

The jurors wanted some legal definitions and that led to a forty minute pause in their morning deliberations. Meanwhile, it was a waiting game, and a guessing game, for Dixon and his many family members on the ninth floor of the federal building.  Dixon's attorney, Coleman Garrett, said it's impossible to find meaning in the timing.

"I've been doing this for 25 years and I don't know what it means," he said. "I quit a long time ago trying to figure it out. Just try to be patient, wait, let the process work and the jury will let us know when they finish their work what the final decision is."

The jury is considering hours of evidence that was presented in the case, including grainy and hard to hear undercover video and audio recording that prosecutors say show Dixon on the take.

The jury will decide five separate counts outlined in the original indictment.  They will reconvene Thursday morning to deliberate once again.