Star Guard Darius Washington is Not a Former Tiger Just Yet

Until now it's been a almost a foregone conlusion Tigers star guard Darius Washington is jumping early to the NBA..

Not so fast....says D-Wash.

Washington is among the 65-hopefuls working out at the NBA's big Pre-Draft Camp in Orlando, Florida this week.

All NBA teams are here for a look-see, including Memphis Grizzlies team president Jerry West, and assistant coach Lionel Hollins.

Washington put his name in the draft with 2-years eligibility remaining..

Curently, there are no draft polls that put him in the first round...

Many don't even have him going in the second.

D-Wash says the possibility exists he'll return to school.

He says he doesn't regret seeing what the professional life is like.

He'll give it his best shot through the end of camp Friday, listen to the coaches and scouts, and most importantly, his parents, before deciding whether to stay in the draft.

Washington says he's not hired an agent, so he can come back if he wants.

The deadline to withdraw from the draft is June 19th.

The NBA Draft is June 28th.