TBI unveils new way to gather crime information

Getting crime data from the T-B-I used to involve poring over a 500-page report.

Not anymore.

Jennifer Johnson with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says, "What this does is allows people to just put in the specific fields they want and pull out a report that's more meaningful to them."

Now...through Tennessee crime online dot com...the information you want...is a mouse click away.

Johnson continues, "I guess if I could say anything it would be that information is power and that's what this is it allows you to look very specifically at crime in your neighborhood and maybe figure out how to avoid being a victim."

Crime data from 2001 through 2005 can be broken down...by geographic area...offense...type of weapon used...even time of day!

When you've selected the specific information you need...the program will show you the results in a graph...that's easy to read.

The information is free...and can be a useful tool...when there are big decisions to make.

Johnson continues, "You may have someone who's going to move into a different city. It's broken down by police department and by sheriff's department. They may want to see what crime looked like in an area they're about to move to. There's also information about crimes at schools."

Armed with that knowledge...you can better protect yourself and your family.

"It's very empowering I think the toughest part is just having the diligence to sit down and learn how to use it once people know how to use it I think it'll be addictive and they'll want to use it all the time," continues Johnson.

For more information on Tennessee Crime online, click here.