Public building authority may have mislead TDOT

TDOT says it got a lot less that what it paid for when it doled out 20-million dollars in federal funds to build a parking garage at FedEx Forum.

To qualify for the money, the grant contract the project include an intermodal transfer facility... a transportation hub for busses and trolleys... Like downtown's North End Terminal.

That never happened.

A TDOT audit of the parking garage project found "apparent misrepresentation" by the City and the Public Building Authority (PBA).

The report says the PBA submitted one set of plans for project to qualify for the money, but built from another set of plans which did not include an intermodal facility.

State Senator Mark Norris says, "Well I'm certainly not pleased by it. And the level of deception that is reported is quite disturbing."

Even more disturbing, the grant contract does not allow the garage to make money. It can only earn enough to cover the expenses needed maintain it.

The audit found the garage earned nearly 2.8 million dollars in 2005. Eight times more than expenses.

Under FedExForum's operating agreement, all that money went straight to the Grizzlies.