Dixon and family react to guilty verdict

Minutes after the verdict, former State Senator Roscoe Dixon said, "Disappointed but I'm comfortable, I'm alright."

Roscoe Dixon and his wife appeared stunned by the jury's decision.

Dixon's wife Gloria says, "And like I say we make no apologies that he took money everybody has a moment of weakness but if you look at that case you will know there was no conspiracy what so ever."

The governments case against Dixon centered on secretly recorded video tapes that showed him taking money.

Prosecutors claimed the money was a bribe and said the jury made the right decision.

U.S. Attorney David Kustoff says, "The audio and video evidence, the testimony from the witnesses and Mr. Dixon's own statements proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant broke the law, violated the public trust."

However the Dixons insists he was set-up.

Gloria Dixon says, "People need to wake up and look - sure he might I'm not saying - everybody falls and makes a mistake okay..."

She continues, "No I'm fine - I'm at peace with myself..."

Following the verdict Dixon told me he plans to pray and ask God what to do next.

Dixon continues, "We have been servants for 22-years in the vineyard...sometimes we fall but God's going to pick us up okay..."