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Target 5 Investigation: FedExForum parking garage controversy continues

State Transportation officials say the parking garage that was built for FedExForum isn't even close to what it's supposed to be: an intermodal transfer center similar to downtown's North End Terminal.

"We're acknowledging that it's not an intermodal transfer facility," said Memphis City Attorney Sara Hall.

The City's acknowledgement comes after an Action News 5 investigation uncovered an audit of the garage project conducted by TDOT.  The audit accuses the Public Building Authority, which oversaw construction, of misleading State and Federal agencies into signing off on a $20 million grant to build it.

"From the PBA standpoint, there was never any intention to deliberately deceive anyone," said acting PBA chairmain Charles Carpenter.

To qualify for the funds, the grant contract required the city build an intermodal facility. It didn't. The report says the PBA submitted one set of plans for project to qualify for the grant money, but built from another set of plans which did not include an intermodal facility.

"Construction documents were prepared, submitted and were approved," Carpenter said. "Now, the fact that they may be different from the original renderings. I don't know how that could have happened."

Carpenter says he knows no one with TDOT contacted the PBA about compliance concerns until after the garage was built.

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