Dixon could serve 90 years, or he could serve none

With the guilty verdict in against former state Senator Roscoe Dixon in Operation Tennessee Waltz, all eyes are now on the sentencing phase and how much prison time he'll serve.

If he serves any at all.

Moments after his guilty verdict was read, Roscoe Dixon and his attorney hadn't ruled out an appeal.

"We'll, I'll look at the option and see if it makes sense and we'll consult about that," Dixon's attorney Coleman Garrett said Thursday.

If Dixon's guilty verdict stands, it carries a maximum sentence of 90 years. He could get 20 years on one count of conspiracy to commit extortion, a combined 60 years on 3 counts of attempted extortion and 10 years on one count of bribery.

"I hope they don't lock me up for life though," Dixon said Thursday.

That's highly unlikely, according to the U.S. Attorney's office, since federal guidelines on the criminal charges carry no minimum sentence. Which means Dixon's price for pocketing cash could be set at no jail time at all.

"I think that when he is sentenced the judge will consider the many years of public service that Roscoe Dixon gave this community," said political analyst Susan Adler Thorp.

During his time in office the Democrat from District 33 was an advocate for African-American business owners and healthcare for the poor and the elderly.

"I think he'll take that into consideration, at least I hope so, and whatever sentence he gets will be a reduced one," said Garrett earlier this week.

And if 22 years on the state legislature doesn't help his case, Dixon's clean criminal record probably will.