E.C. Jones hopes city saves course from fall deadline

You help pay for it: a public golf course in Memphis that loses around $300,000 annually.

Plans to close the Davy Crockett Golf Course in Frayser by the end of this month were put off at the last city council meeting. Council members, including E.C. Jones, decided to approve an additional $69,000 in the budget to keep the course open until October.

"The city of Memphis, at one time, was declining and nobody would go Downtown. So how did we fix that? We put money in Downtown to bring people down there," said Jones. "So you have to put some money into these facilities. If you don't, they just deteriorate and no one will go out there."

Councilman Jones said he believes other courses have lost money, but the Parks Commission only recommended closing Davy Crockett.

Jones is hopeful the council approved extension provides enough time to find other ways to fund or maintain the golf course.

Money to keep funding the golf course is accounted for under the city's operating budget.

Tuesday, the council also approved a plan to add 50 new officers to the police department. The council also approved a resolution that calls on city administrators to do what they can to hold onto rides at Libertyland.

The same measure dissolves the city's lease with the Mid-South Fair group, which means the organization may have to vacate Libertyland by the end of the year.

The council also killed a recommendation to give city firefighters a one percent raise.