Drivers worry roundabout will cause confusion

Since construction began on the Mud Island roundabout, there have been many questions about how it will work.  With its completion expected in just a few weeks, no one seems to know who should yield, and who has the right of way.

"The yields are positioned where the heaviest traffic comes through," said driver Ramona Flannigan. "It's that simple. You're going to have this traffic streaming across the auction street bridge, and every body's going to have to stop for yield."

According to officials with City of Memphis, the yield signs will stay in their current positions, because of the way the roundabout is designed.

"Once you get all the construction traffic out of the way and you get the proper signing in there, it'll be a whole simpler," said John Conroy of the Riverfront Development Corporation.

Traffic inside the circle will have the right of way, while those outside will have to yield.  Flannigan says that's why the worst confusion may be yet to come.

"The heavy traffic is coming from across the bridge, not coming from the other end," She said. "I think it's going to be a problem."
Even those people who expect the circle to cause only minor traffic troubles wondered if the roundabout is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"It's kinda neat," said driver Jai Boyd. "I mean we really didn't need it, but it's cute."

The project is slated to be completed by the middle of July.