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TennCare safety net to be extended

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Governor Bredesen said Monday that
"safety net" services to help thousands of people cut from
TennCare will be extended through 2006.

This is past the original deadline set for the end of the month.
Spiraling TennCare costs led Bredesen last year to kick about
170-thousand people off the program, which at its height was one of
the most generous government-sponsored health care programs in the
country. Bredesen then helped set up the safety-net program to
provide transitional care for those cut.

Services being extended include free generic drugs and
discounts; affordable insulin and diabetic supplies; organ
transplant assistance for disenrollees; medication for dialysis
patients; subsidies for oncology services and chemotherapy; help
for hemophiliacs; and home oxygen assistance.

State officials say 112-thousand disenrollees have been able to
get free or discounted prescriptions through the safety-net.

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