Mary Winkler's Attorneys Plan for Trial

When asked about Mary Winkler's indictment, her Attorney Leslie Ballin got right to the point,

"No surprise at all, expected."

Ballin and Winkler's other defense attorney, Steve Farese, are way past her indictment, already planning for her trial, "Our defense is viable, our defense is identifiable. Our defense will be put forth at the appropriate time which will be at trial."

There had been talk of trying for a plea and avoiding trial, "We entered into discussions but they were one sided discussions. I think their response was no."

We last saw Mary Winkler in a McNairy County courtroom in March.

She was quiet, looked down most of the time and her attorneys said they were concerned for her well being.

Ballin says the situation is much different now, "She's starting to think about herself, instead of just letting the chips fall where they may. She wants to have and is having an active part in her defense at this point"

A defense that, Farese says, is getting offers for help from around the country, "Lawyers, psychiatrists, psychologists, people familiar with her religion, investigators. You name it, they've called."

All wanting to be part of a trial that could start in October.

Mary Winkler will be arraigned Wednesday where she will enter a plea of Not Guilty and may ask for bond.

Winkler has not seen her children since she was taken into custody three months ago though both attorneys tell me she has pictures of them and asks about them regularly.