Winkler attorneys react to not guilty plea

When Mary Winkler entered a plea of not guilty to the murder of her husband, it became clear her attorneys plan to fight the charge and will try to convince a jury their client is not guilty.

Winkler's Attorney Leslie Ballin says, "Now is not the time for us to set forth the facts we believe are pertinent, relevant and should be considered by the jury."

Both Leslie Ballin and Steve Farese say they've seen Winkler's so called confession and believe they can work around that.

They say their client is aware of what is going on and is helping them in her defense.

They also say they're not considering asking her trial be moved.

Ballin continues, "We are not convinced today that a fair trial cannot be held in this county. this may be the place to have this trial."

Both say Winkler desperately misses her three children seen here in family photos whom she hasn't seen since March.

The other day she did receive her first letter from them.

Winkler's other attorney Steve Farese says, "We miss you, we love you, we want to see you. All of which describes her feelings to a "T".'

Winkler's attorneys plan to ask the judge to allow her to post bond and be free until her trial.